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Welcome to my personal finance blog

I’d like to start this blog by introducing myself, my wife, and family.  We’ve been married for several blissful years and have had many great experiences as a family, and have enjoyed spending time together.  We had most of our life in order except for one part—the financial part.  Does this sound like some of you?  Don’t get me wrong; we weren’t extravagant.  We didn’t have high priced automobiles or lavish clothing.  Looking back on it we were lulled, month-by-month, into a false sense of security.

 From the time we were married we didn’t really have a clue how to manage our money.  The thought of managing our money didn’t cross our mind, so we overspent monthly, and went further and further into debt, putting more than necessary on our credit cards.  This was fine in the mid to late 90’s because we had an ace in the hole–Microsoft stock.  You see, my first job out of college was at Microsoft;  and we had purchased several shares of Microsoft stock.  During the mid to late 90’s this became our life preserver.  We spent, spent, spent, and when we got further into debt we would sell some Microsoft stock and bail ourselves out.  When we got back out of debt we’d slowly go back into debt.  Sell Microsoft stock and the cycle would recur again and again.  We never really learned how to manage our finances.  This was fine until the stock flattened out and wasn’t so lucrative.  There went our life preserver!  We purchased a home in 2000.  We continued to overspend, and this, combined with a flattened stock aided in our personal finances spiraling downward even faster.  Purchasing a home coupled with going further and further into debt the only thing to do of course is to refinance, right?  We refinanced a couple of times and brought our debt load from $110,000 to $160,000 and our monthly payment from $800 to $1400.  This made it difficult on personal finances.

 In 2004-2005 I started to see a little glimmer of light and started looking for ways to improve our finances so we could live a higher quality life, get out of debt, help our girls through college, and look towards retirement.  I began learning more about managing personal finances; one thing led to another, and I got to the point where I didn’t just want to get myself out of debt and live wealthy, but I wanted to help others live wealthy also by sharing my experiences.  I hope that others won’t make the same mistakes we have made.  I’ll be writing a weekly blog dedicated to helping others with their personal finances.  If you’d like to make a comment or have a question please make a comment on the blog or email me directly at

Thanks, and live wealthy!!



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