Why Be Frugal, Live Wealthy?

I’ve named my blog Be Frugal, Live Wealthy and I wanted to take a minute to explain why I’ve so named it.  Be frugal, live wealthy is not just something we do or an act, but it’s the way we live.  Being frugal is a way of life.  Dictionary.com defines frugal as economical in use or expenditure, prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful; meager, scanty.  It’s choosing the no name brand over the name brand when they’re equally good, sometimes even produced by the same company.  It’s making sure you live according to a spending plan, living below your means when making a decision to purchase extra items.  It’s making a choice not to go further into debt just because you “have” to have that new item you’ve always wanted.  Living wealthy is an act of looking to the future; towards retirement and working towards a time when you’ll be able to have enough time to spend the way  you wish and have enough money to live the way you’d like.  It’s looking long-term to what’s important instead of short-term to what you want now.

Live Wealthy means to have a long term view of your finances.  It means to make sure you have the appropriate plans in place to save for retirement.  It also means having the right amount of insurance, even though it may cost you more to purchase it.

If you make a goal to be frugal and live wealthy you’ll be able to live within your means, have a more financially stable life, and enjoy a greater peace of mind.


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