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What do I get for the person who has everything…and pay for it?

Some of you may have already finished your Christmas shopping, but for most of us we haven’t finished-some of us haven’t even started.  If you fit the latter then let me give you a few tips: 

  • Make a plan for those for whom you’ll buy
  • Determine how much you’ll spend on Christmas presents.  Add 10% for overspending
  • Put a dollar value of how much you would like to spend on each person
  • Add all the individual dollar values up, and see if the sum of the individual gifts exceeds the total you wish to spend
  • If so, adjust your individual gifts
  • If not, take your money and go purchase the gifts.
  • When you’re out shopping is when you’ll have to be careful
  • Check circular ads for good deals
  • Check Ebay or Craigslist for good conditioned, used products